Lyra Analog

Lyra’s exquisite phono cartridges are the beautiful result of a collaboration between a remarkable trio: Jonathan Carr, the American conceptualizer and designer, Yoshinori Mishima, the Japanese master-craftsman whose watchful eye ensures state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly, and Norwegian Stig Bjorge, the business head, who ties the enterprise together. All three share an intense passion for audio and are fanatical about creating and producing the most advanced possible phono cartridges. This Tokyo-based team not only lives on the frontier of design and manufacturing, they are constantly moving that frontier forward.


From the mind and heart of Marc Gomez, SAT’s meticulously engineered components have won raves from the world’s top reviewers and a rabid following among the most diehard, fanatical analog enthusiasts. SAT is among audio’s most coveted and exclusive brands.

Since the introduction of its original Pickup Arm in 2015, SAT has cemented its place at the pinnacle of the audio engineering and manufacture, world-renowned for its award-winning LM and CF1 series ultra high-performance pickup arms and the XD1 Record Player System. 

EBI Audio

Behind the 10+ years and counting musical journey that is Engineering Beyond Imagination and the Khumar low-output moving coil cartridge is Tariq Shafeeque, who humbly refers to himself as EBI’s “Design Manager.” Tariq is in fact the company’s Founder and owner, in additon to deigner and engineer. Tariq is a structural engineer by trade and education, but being raised hearing the “melodious notes of record players” Tariq became an avid record collector, and eventually began modifying turntables and cartridges before deisgning and building his own under the EBI Audio banner. Tariq’s passion is to use the latest technological advancements to privide EBI’s customers with an “unforgettale listening experience.”