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Delos is a Major Analog Turn-On for YouTube Audiophiliac!

Something is happening to YouTube Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg. He’s finding that with Lyra’s Delos in his rig he is, “ … listening to less and less digital and more and more vinyl.” Amen to that!

Tracking Angle Reports MIBS is new SAT Distributor!

MIBS Distro NA has selected to manage all aspects of SAT’s distribution, marketing and brand management in North America, effective immediately! Read more here.

Delos, Etna and Atlas Lambda TAS Editor’s Choice Award Winners!​

Lyra and MIBS are EXTREMELY grateful to Robert Harley and the staff and writers at The Absolute Sound for selecting Delos, Etna Lambda, Atlas Lambda and Atlas Lambda SL as Editor’s Choice Award Winners!
Click here to see Delos and here for Etna- and Atlas Lambda.

Feature interview on Tracking Angle

Analog Planet

According to an official announcement, Lyra Co Ltd. says it has chosen the recently formed MIBS Distro to manage all aspects of its distribution, dealer network, marketing, and brand management in the United States and Canada, “effective immediately.”

Lyra Atlas Lambda SL Stereophile Class A Rated!

The best got better, says Michael Fremer: “sounds like an entirely new cartridge …” with “luxurious textural suppleness, sustain, timbral generosity, and midband warmth, while losing none of the speed, slam, and detail retrieval.”

Posted October 1, 2022

Etna Lambda and Lambda SL “Both Musically Spectacular and Spectacularly Engaging.”

Roy Gregory finds that Lyra Etna Lambda and Etna Lambda SL offer “… both the significant step up in performance that these cartridges represent over the previous models and their absolute quality. Make no mistake — these are genuine flagship products.”

Posted July 16, 2021

Who Put a Vacuum Tube in My Atlas?!

Michel Fremer thinks Jonathan Carr pulled a feat of magic, opining that “it sounds in some ways as though a tiny, low-noise, low-distortion, super-linear vacuum tube has been inserted into the already-great Atlas.”

Posted  Sept 07, 2020