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MIBS Distro is performance audio’s NEW premier brand management and distribution firm in North America, specializing in aspirational, ultra-performance analog. MIBS Distro is the exclusive home of Lyra Co Ltd.’s hand-built phono cartridges and analog components in the US and Canada. Founded and managed by industry veteran Shane Buettner, MIBS is focused on its mission is build the essential relationships between the world’s finest audio brands and the vast network of specialty audio dealers, reviewers, press and more that are required to take each brand to the next level.

Latest MIBS News

Delos is a Major Analog Turn-On for YouTube Audiophiliac!
Something is happening to YouTube Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg. He’s finding that with Lyra’s Delos in his rig he is, “ … listening to less and less digital and more and more vinyl.” Amen to that!
Of course there’s more, watch here!