About MIBS Distro

MIBS’ Mission

MIBS Distro is a premier brand management and distribution firm in North America, the exclusive home of bespoke phono cartridges from Lyra and EBI Audio as well as SAT’s precision analog components in in the US and Canada. Founded and managed by industry veterans Isaac Markowitz (Sales & Business Development) and Shane Buettner (Marketing and Logistics), MIBS is focused on its mission is building the essential relationships between the world’s finest audio brands and the vast network of specialty audio dealers, reviewers, press and more that are required to take each brand to the next level.  

Shane Buettner

Shane Buettner- Co-Founder, Marketing & Logistics

Professional music lover and Hi-Fi industry veteran Shane Buettner is the Founder and Boss of the widely respected vinyl reissue label Intervention Records, and prior to co-founding MIBS Distro was VP of Marketing at AudioQuest. Buettner’s expertise is communicating how technology serves the emotional impact of music and the arts. He performed Marketing and Communication duties for Vandersteen Audio and Brinkmann, and before that spent a prior life in A/V publishing. His written work was read in respected publications such as Home Theater magazine, The Absolute Sound and The Perfect Vision. 

Isaac Markowitz – Co-Founder, Sales & Business Development

A born enthusiast and lifelong learner, Isaac Markowitz fell in love with music at an early age, thanks to his audiophile father. After an extraordinarily successful run managing Magnolia Design Centers, Markowitz most recently served as Ambassador for Aspirational Audio at AudioQuest, where he developed a luxury sales and education platform focused on specialty dealers that reached tens of thousands of sales professionals, driving millions in sales. Isaac’s professional commitment is connecting people with their passion for music, and MIBS Distro represents an opportunity to share his vision for world-class audio reproduction with more people.

Jonathan Badov

MIBS Distro represents SAT in the US and Canada in partnership with Jonathan Badov. Jonathan is principal at Sonic Artistry, a destination-level hi-fi dealer based in Toronto, Ontario for over 25 years. Sonic Artistry chooses only the finest audio products, those that match the company’s ethos of Artistry, Integrity and Music. Sonic Artistry strives for customer satisfaction, managing all aspects of setup and maximizing all parameters of system performance. Jonathan is also a Professional Engineer in Canada having over 30yrs of experience in the HVAC market.